Photo Tour

This is the front of the residence facility.  Our residents love to sit on the front porch and relax in conversation with other residents and guests.   This is the sunroom where residents can enjoy the beautiful view of the grounds in back, enjoy watching TV and socializing.
This is the living room where residents like to watch TV, or just sit around and enjoy each others company and also to spend time with their families and other guests.
This is one of our resident rooms.  Resident rooms are furnished with a bed, over-the-bed table, dresser, night table, TV/DVD, phone and closet.  Residents are allowed to decorate and arrange their rooms to suit their own personal tastes.   This is the recreation area where residents can enjoy a variety of things to do.  Residents enjoy the bumper pool table, puzzles and games, watching TV and videos and also have their own kitchenette where they have access to drinks and snacks.
This is the meditation room where residents and/or their families who wish to pray or meditate have a private area in which to do so.   This is the dining area where out residents enjoy their meals.  Meals are prepared by staff or donated meals are brought in by various churches and individual donors.

This is the gazebo located in the back yard of the residence facility.  Residents and their families and/or guests enjoy sitting in the swing and enjoying the quiet and peaceful surroundings of this area. 
  This is the view from looking at the back of the residence facility.  The sunroom is to the right of the building.  Residents enjoy cook-outs here and also our annual fundraiser, Walk for AIDS ends here for walkers to enjoy refreshments and entertainment after their walk.
  Hoaglandscape provided landscaping for House of Mercy. Click their logo to access their website.